From the lost archives of Sam Watkins...

Co. Aytch is one of the most loved memoirs of a soldier from the Civil War.  Sam R. Watkins edited and revised Co. Aytch, intending to republish it after his first 1882 edition sold out.  However, he died before accomplishing his goal.  Afterwards his family kept his copy tucked away for many years.  And for a few years it was totally lost. 

 Now recently it has been found and rescued by his great granddaughter.  Sam's copy of his own book contained numerous hand-written notes with stories, corrections, and changes to his original edition.  Now his great granddaughter has republished his book and added his notes, along with 65 historic images and photos. 

 There have been dozens of other editions of Co. Aytch, but this new hardcover is the first to be published with additions and revisions by Sam himself.  Now 125 years after his first edition, this is Sam Watkins' own second edition!

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  • Hardcover: 352 pages
  • Publisher: Providence House Publishers
  • Date: November 15, 2007
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1577363825
  • Editor Ruth Hill McAllister: Great Granddaughter of confederate soldier & author, Sam R Watkins, owns & maintains this website. This edition feature edits by Sam Watkins that were not published prior to his death.


"Descendant Fulfills Rebel Soldier's Wish. His revised Civil War classic published....."
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"The only thing better than Sam Watkins is more Sam Watkins. This is a marvelous expansion of the best memoir of a fighting soldier south of the Mason-Dixon line we have." Ken Burns, Filmmaker

"Among the best known and most quoted Civil War memoirs is that authored by the irrepressible Confederate soldier Sam Watkins.  Annotations made by Watkins to his seminal 1882 publication will enrich and appeal to the broad constituency that has been long interested in Sam's trials, tribulations, and opinions." - Edwin C. Bearrs, Historian Emeritus, National Parks Service

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